About Fund

Fund Anka

Fund Anka is an endowment fund founded by Community Foundation Healthy City, which is managing it.

An endowment fund is the ideal way for the foundation to collaborate with those who wish to support. It allows for the donors to connect their name with their donation, and observe which specific results have been achieved, thanks to their gifts. It also allows them to stay in contact with the donatory without having to care about any administration.

In Community Foundation Healthy City it is possible to create an endowment fund to support any charitable aim and use it as your own “private foundation” and to name it. Whereby all is administered by the foundation. Founding of an endowment fund is by law n. 34/2002 Z. z.

Why community foundation

We have known Anka for more than 15 years as a woman that was involved in charity and volunteer campaigns. She became our colleague and friend. We’ve known her professionally and as a friend, as well as her husband Peter. And they need help. In our foundation we create connections between those who want to help and those that need help. Community foundation is that kind of connection. Thanks to it, people from Slovakia as well as abroad can easily donate and we can deliver the funds to help Anka without administrative complications. At the same time we manage its accounts and legislation.

Community Foundation Healthy City

Community Foundation Healthy City (abbreviated KNZM) was founded in 1994 as the first foundation of community type in central and eastern Europe. It’s mission is to know and to connect the potential and the needs of a community with the aim of augmenting the quality of life in the regions of Banská Bystrica and Zvolen.
It’s mission is carried out through a grant program for citizen initiatives and non-governmental non-profit organisations from the region of Banská Bystrica and Zvolen. Also through supporting donorship and philanthropy and through programs that create opportunities for mutual understanding, tolerance, openness, acceptance, learning about local history, traditions and culture.
You can learn more about the community foundation and it’s current programs and projects here:www.knzm.sk


Komunitná nadácia Zdravé mesto
Komenského 482/21
974 01 Banská Bystrica
organization ID: 302 315 31
organization TAX ID: 202 110 9189
Registration number Ministry of the Interior Slovak Republic: 203/Na-96/90

knzm@knzm.sk, +421 48/415 60 59
Community foundation manager: Ing. Beata Hirt, bhirt@knzm.sk